Complete Coverage

e-Mayhem wireless design will guarantee exceptional wireless coverage keeping your devices connected throughout your entire workspace.

Guest Wireless

Lets your guests connect without compromising your own security.

Excellent Visibility

Our wireless surveys will help you find the problem areas.

Bad signal in part of the building? We can help you find out why.

Why bother with Wireless Design?

Having slow WiFi sucks. You can have high-speed internet and your connection can be bogged down by bad WiFi. Having to deal with this is frustrating and can slow down your work. With our wireless assessment tools, it does not have to be this way.

What is a wireless survey?

With our predictive wireless surveys, we can take a floor plan and determine the best place to mount your wireless access points to provide 100% coverage with the best connection.

Right now isn’t the best time for a wireless redesign? With the active survey, we can take our assessment tools and gather data to determine what we can do to tweak your current wireless for a quick fix.

Guest WiFi security

Providing free WiFi at your business can attract customers Sometimes it is necessary to provide internet connection to the people you work with when they visit your business.

Giving out the WiFi password is not only a security risk, but it can also be a liability. Once in your network, someone can, intentionally or not, infect your internal systems with malware.

Providing a secured, guest WiFi network that is separate from your internal network can both increase your IT security and be a benefit to your business

Ready to upgrade your WiFi? 

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