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Good IT doesn't need to be complicated

The e-Mayhem team has over a decade of Enterprise experience in industries ranging from social media and entertainment to manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, and we want to help you add that same level of expertise to your toolkit. Our primary goal is to use scalable and strategic architectural planning so you can avoid the short term pitfalls which lead to growing pains and costly changes down the road.

Great solutions don't need to be expensive and difficult to maintain. They just need a little foresight and some guidance to ensure that the choices you're making today won't come back to haunt you tomorrow. 

High speed Internet

Slow downloads at the office?

We can help you with everything you need, from circuits to switches, to make your user experience lightning fast!

Wireless Services

Bad WiFi in the conference room?

Our Ekahau Certified wireless engineers can identify problem areas and get your staff back on full bars

VPN & Security

Security boogieman keeping you up at night?

Check out our Firewall/VPN solutions and our Security Awareness programs. 


Hate it when you don't know why things aren't working?

Monitoring and analytics are a key part of any operation. See what we can do to give you visibility into your system's health  

Not sure where to start?

Check out some of our key roles that we can play to help you in your environment.

Hardware Installation

Deploying a new site or need to upgrade that old gear in the data closet?

Operations Monitoring

Maybe you just want more visibility to what's going on in your network?

IT Security

Security starts from the bottom up and we can help you get started.

Wireless Deployment

Adding more coverage or just optimizing what you already have?