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See what offerings e-Mayhem has to help you mitigate your IT Security risks

Next-Generation Firewall Deployments

Often the first thing associated with the word security, your firewall is there to draw a line in the sand between your secure and insecure networks. The Firewall plays a critical role in any network and making sure it is deployed effectively is essential.

From ASAs and Firepower to Palo Altos, we can help you integrate modern security hardware to meet your security needs.

VPN & Endpoint Management

With the shift to remote work technologies, many devices are no longer located within the safety of the office network to rely on the firewall as their primary means of defense. This means they are relying on the security of other networks which might not share your same requirements for security. Using the right endpoint solution can protect corporate devices even when they’re in the field.

Or maybe you just have a small office that you need to have access to your headquarters?
Using a VPN can be a power tool to connect your remote devices together in a secure and effective manner.

IT Security Awareness Training

Over 2/3 of all successful attacks aren’t targeted at your hardware at all. They aim for the most vulnerable part of any organization, its users.

Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting you from these nefarious campaigns. We can help you instruct your employees on how to recognize and avoid the common tricks and pitfalls that lead to breaches. Using simulated phishing campaigns and detailed seminars, your employees will learn what to look for before clicking on that suspicious link.

Updates & Lifecycle Management

Usually the simplest solution is the best. Applying patches to your systems regularly can mitigate the vast majority of software attacks, but sometimes you can’t apply them right away, or you have old or unsupported hardware that may not have this option.

The longer you wait to resolve these issues the greater the risk is for the business and the harder it is to remediate.

Lifecycle Management is the process of planned obsolescence for devices so that your hardware is always current. This does usually mean spending money, but we’re not here to just convince you to buy more gear.
The simple fact is: as hardware ages, the operational costs and risk of failure increase.

To align with our business philosophy, we want to help you balance this investment to ensure that you are weighing the proper factors involved in the cost of ownership against the risk carried with them so that you can make the right choice for your business.

Patch Management

Regular Pentesting

Access Management

Knowing the risks, dangers, and mitigations

Knowing is half the battle. Contact us to learn more about our IT Security Awareness Training and Phishing Campaign.

Cyber Hygiene

Just like our personal health, IT health can be improved by taking simple measures to improve cyber hygiene.

Just like how a doctor cannot guarantee you will never get sick, we cannot guarantee you will never get hacked, but we can take preventative steps and prepare for when it does occur.

Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware is an ever-evolving form of malware designed to encrypt files on a compromised device, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them unusable. Malicious actors can then demand ransom in exchange for access to your own data. The best way to prevent these attacks is by educating your workforce about good cyber hygiene practices.