Who We Are

e-Mayhem was started in 2019 by two IT network engineers who have done a lot of contracting work.

These were large scale projects that needed a lot of extra hands for a short duration. A few things we’ve specialized in are: Building out and moving data centers, building out our own IT infrastructure after being divested from the larger organization, needing to connect 2 companies together and deal with deduplicating IP addressing and IT infrastructure because of a merger.

We’ve had a great impact by providing that temporary help needed to either help the team dig themselves out of the hole they were in, or complete these massive projects. Our goal is to provide your company with everything you need to have a stable network and also provide quick solutions for when things go on a decline on an as needed basis.

We at eM wanted to make a better way for both the IT workers who were contracted out, and for the companies employing them. We wanted to provide an environment where IT workers’ passion for IT would be grown instead of crushed and they would be provided an environment where they stay with us long term so they can continue to take care of all of your needs without having to get others to learn how to step into their roles, potentially causing downtime for you.

We strive to be great partners that provide both you and our engineers with all the resources to do what everyone does best and achieve success in all endeavors on a daily basis so that everyone’s goals can be achieved. We work with you to understand your specific needs and create a solution that will work well for you and help you reach all of your goals.

Our Culture

Our Goals

eM was founded to be a company that provides project and temporary work to companies on an as needed basis. Pay as you go IT and staff augmentation. We could provide your company specialized skill sets to get your IT infrastructure working well in the short term, without you having to find a short-term contract worker. We can also join your existing teams that are simply struggling to make it through their day to day operations because of the onslaught of outages and ever increasing backlog of project work that needs to be done. You would get exactly what you need when you need it in the volume you need. You would get the best quality solutions you need from an entire team of high quality engineers from one source at a reasonable cost.

With this model, we are better able to serve large enterprises that focus on hiring temporary workers. This also allows you to acquire a variety of skillsets from multiple engineers to fit your needs, without needing to hire each one at 40 hours a week.

We still maintain relationships with all of our past clients, even the ones we don’t work with often. They enjoy being able to reach out to the people who helped build their systems or for an extra hand or two during incidents when they need extra assistance.

If you’re looking for some temporary or even long term IT infrastructure assistance, check out our professional services offered and feel free to reach out to us! We’d love to get started on your projects to make your IT systems run better and smoother!

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