Medium Sized IT Teams are Constantly Challenged to do More with Less

If you have less than 50 people in your IT team, a lot of these challenges will likely seem familiar.

Insufficient Manpower

Medium sized IT teams have to manage all the same problems of a large enterprise team, but with a significantly smaller headcount. Your team doesn’t have enough hours in the week to get everything done.

Decisions are heavily Cost-Driven

Anyone can take the latest technology to make something nice. Building something just as good on a limited budget is way more challenging.

Masters of None

Jack of all trades are great when you have limited headcount, but complex problems can put your team in a tight spot. Complex solutions are passed up out of necessity.

Projects and Operations are managed by the same team

A rushed design today means more work tomorrow. A careful balance between keeping the lights on and building a brighter future needs to be kept.

Traditional Outsourcing Doesn’t Fill All the Gaps

Help is needed, solutions aren’t enough
Traditional outsourcing focuses on the technical problems alone, leaving your team to cover these gaps. Having to cover them not only consumes your team’s bandwidth, but can slow down progress on key components of critical projects.


It usually falls on the members of the IT team to broker communications on behalf of the outsourcer. This inefficient communication slows down time to resolution and takes up your team’s already limited time.


Outsourcers rely on the internal IT team to follow change control on their behalf. Otherwise you may need to adopt the outsourcer’s change control. This isn’t very turnkey and takes up additional banwidth from your team.


Unless your environment is well documented, it’ll be impossible for an outsourcer to have all the context to determine risk and the appropriate level of mitigations. This can expose your business to unneccessary risk and increase downtime.


It’s common to only take responsibility for completion of tasks, not for business outcomes. Unfortunately that leaves your team scrambling to fill the gap.

How is e-Mayhem Any Different?

Our engineers are given the time needed to do everything right. Our long-term client and employee retention allows us to provide these benefits.

Accomplish More Sooner With Less Effort

Traditional outsourcing provides additional bandwidth. We help with that too, and more. 

Our team includes specialists in different verticals. Having that depth of knowledge available to your team allows you to tackle more complex problems and more importantly, be able to provide complex solutions.

DevOps is a part of our culture. All of our engineers know where to put more effort in order to minimize technical debt and the impact to operations.

Get More Out of Your Team’s Efforts

We conform to your organization’s wants and needs, not the other way around. Your team’s time is limited and precious. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of your organization.

Your team can focus on getting more work done themselves since our engineers function more like an extension of your team. Our engineers act and perform like members of your own team. We’ll follow your processes, manage change control, use your ticketing system, choose outage windows and anything else that’s needed to get the job done.

Focus on Results Instead of Actions Completed

You expect members of your team to take ownership of problems and drive them to resolution. We act as members of your team and don’t think we’re an exception to this.

Our long term relationship with our clients and their environments allow our engineers to both take pride in the work they do, and share the pain of the mistakes they’ve made.

Continuous Improvement

We’re never satisfied to leave things as good as they are. Continuous improvement is part of our standard operating procedure. Long term engagements and shared responsibility for results allows us to share in the joy of improvements and innovation with your team.