Hardware REfresh and Lifecycle management
What is a Hardware Refresh?

Everyone knows that technology is always growing and changing and this is no different for the infrastructure that keeps your systems running. Because hardware in this area is typically quite expensive and supports many critical functions, there is a fine line that needs to be walked to avoid overspending and keeping up to date.

The same way you make incremental improvements to a house or property over time to maintain its value, it is critically important to follow a similar approach towards your hardware and infrastructure. Waiting too long can lead to large scale and high impact projects which are costly and risky as you try to replace many things at once. With a little planning, much of these risks can be mitigated by spreading out the changes over a longer period of time; this also helps your IT teams manage the workload which reduce costs instead of needing to bring in expensive contractors to perform clutch migrations at the 11th hour.

e-Mayhem can bring the expertise required to ensure a quick and successful hardware refresh if you’re already in this situation. Our team of experienced engineers can lend a hand and provide the extra bandwidth needed during the busier times that hardware refreshes bring with them. In addition to that, we can help you build a roadmap to help you plan for your future hardware needs and how to effectively manage the different lifecycles for your gear.

How do we fit in?

Planning and Design: Help guide the conversation and ask the important questions that are best answered before beginning the project. Work with your team to come to a decision on the design, hardware, and timelines.

Implementation: Work with your team to make the changes as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We can travel onsite and take care of everything as a service or we can work with members of your team to reduce the cost of deployment.

Verification: Support operations the first day(s) after cutovers and changes to ensure a seamless transition and to provide immediate assistance when issues are discovered.

Assessment and Strategy: So we finally finished the project, but where do we go from here? Our architects can help you plan improvements over the next 3-5 year period and outline roadmaps for future projects and needs.

What does it cost?

It will mostly depend on your current system, what you want to do, and how you want it configured. We usually start with a discovery meeting to go over your needs and how we can help. Our engineering rates are competitive in the industry and we will work to make sure you get the most accurate assessment of the project’s real costs instead of some lowball price with hidden fees and caveats that appear halfway through the project.

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Signs You Need A Hardware Refresh

Technology is holding your Business back

Your organization has outgrown the capabilities of your current design and hardware. Implementations run into a more technical difficulties than you feel they should. What’s possible at other companies is not possible at your own.

Disruptions to Operations

Technology failures are turning into business problems. Quarter after quarter your business goals keep meeting unforeseen delays and work stoppages are pushing back deadlines with increasing frequency.

Ever Increasing Time Taken to Resolve Issues

Replacements and repairs are taking longer and longer to implement. Sometimes repairs are no longer possible an you are forced to upgrade to get back on track.

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) COnsultations
How can we help?

Our team of experts will work together with your staff to compile a comprehensive assessment of the risks and roadblocks you are likely to face when combining your infrastructure with that of your new partners or subsidiaries. We will review everything from addressing overlaps to domain name conflicts to make sure that there are no surprises when the time comes to connect your networks together.

Don’t have a team of engineers on the payroll? We can also provide discovery services to gather the necessary data from your systems in order to complete our assessment.

What do we do?

Once our assessment is complete, we can help you build a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you need to be. One of our core values is empowering IT teams to succeed and in many cases, just being aware of the situation and having a plan of action is enough to give your team the tools they need to handle things on their own.

But we also understand that many IT teams are already running at maximum capacity and sometimes a few extra hands are needed to get the job done. e-Mayhem offers professional services to handle any of your technical (and non-technical, in some cases) needs such as:

  • Data Center Migrations
  • IP Address Overlaps and DHCP
  • Domain Trusts and Consolidation
  • VM Migrations and P2V
  • VPNs and Inter-Site Communications
What does it cost?

Our professional services, including our assessment processes, are billed hourly at a competitive rate for the skill level of the engineer(s) assigned. If you do decide to use e-Mayhem to perform tasks associated with your M&A needs, we offer a credit towards our professional services based on the scope of work up to the amount billed for the assessment process.

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